Di-Spark Ltd strive for best practice throughout our advanced manufacturing operations. This is why we have achieved high levels of capacity optimisation, investment and expansion over the last 30 years years towards the multi-cell, multi process advanced manufacturing facility that we operate now, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We supply multi-process, automated machining to our customers from our 40,000 ft facility, employing over 40 people.

CNC five axis turning components

Quality & Inspection are central to Di-Spark’s advanced manufacturing operations

We look to build mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with our customers, with the aim of delivering zero-defect customer satisfaction. We use lean advanced manufacturing techniques, we are certified to AS9100 Revision C, we are an Investor in People company, we are signatories to the supply chain improvement program, SC21, and we constantly strive for business excellence and opportunities to improve and invest. If innovation demonstrates an opportunity to step forward then we’ll buy – in our industry we believe that if you standing still, you’re moving backwards.

SC21 Machining Company

Di-Spark Ltd are signatories to the SC21 Supply Chain Improvement initiative – serving aerospace, security, satellite and space advanced manufacturing

Our customers, and the industries we supply ‘expect’ exceptional service, and rightly so. Advanced manufacturing; aerospace machining, oil & gas manufacturing, satellite component machining, Formula 1 component manufacture & other mission-critical customer requirements cannot be compromised, corners cannot be cut and vital processes can’t be approached with apathy. Our commitment to ISO9001: 2008, Investors in People accreditation, AS9100(c) certification and SC21 signatory is a strong indicator that Di-Spark are serious about producing world-class components, parts and mechanical sub-assemblies.

as9100 aviation & aero engine machining

Di-Spark use advanced manufacturing techniques to produce world-class parts, components and mechanical sub-assemblies for aerospace, oil & gas, satellite, medical, nuclear, hydro, wind-power, scientific, Formula 1, automotive & space

Our Quality Management System is central to our business philosophy, constantly monitoring and reviewing operations to achieve zero defects, lean production, low setup times, reduced overheads and operational improvements. Our Factory Master MRP system removes waste, highlights manufacturing bottlenecks well ahead of being a concern, assists both rapid-response manufacturing and Just-in-time machining requirements and serves to improve and maintain customer satisfaction.

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Di-Spark use Factory Master MRP