Precision Aviation Machining: Are You Paying Over The Odds?

precision aviation machining

Precision Aviation machining carries a fairly unique set of manufacturing responsibilities in terms of quality, timely delivery and accountability, but are you paying over the odds for your aviation components, parts or sub-assemblies? Recent years have seen some great machining breakthroughs, manufacturing innovations & technological manufacturing improvements but all of these count for little unless the benefits of these high tech solutions are not fully integrated into a company’s overall manufacturing philosophy.

AS9100 Precision Aviation Machining

Quality control is top of the agenda within the realm of precision aviation machining, and that’s why aerospace and aviation safety is constantly improved across the board, from design to manufacturing to installation to maintenance – the implications of getting it wrong are too grave to imagine. But within this area of focus, are your precision aviation machining contractors producing quality components via true 21st century ‘lean manufacturing’ principles? AS9100 certification for Aviation, aviation, space and defence – now in revision C, sets productivity, safety and reliability guidelines into place to oversee quality management systems and process control for high quality output within a lean manufacturing framework.

SC21 Precision Aviation Machining

Precision Aviation Machining – also spanning defence and security sectors, traditionally attracts red tape like nothing else, but in recent years it has been recognised that in order to keep manufacturing costs minimal and quality of output high, there is a requirement for optimised supply chain management. Welcome to the stage, SC21 – 21st century supply chain management – a supply chain initiative that looks at cutting unnecessary red tape, nurturing relationships, streamlining of processes and a leaner, higher quality manufacturing philosophy with real-world results.

Running 24/7, maintaining AS9100 (c) certification and signatories to the SC21 Supply Chain initiative, Di-Spark Ltd are a 21st century precision aviation machining company.

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Precision Aerospace Machining: Measures For Improvement


“Compete against perfection by identifying all waste and eliminating it”

Di-Spark Ltd constantly strive for improvement, efficiency and competitiveness. Manufacturing for the aerospace, defence, Formula 1, oil & gas and satellite industries, Di-Spark are at the sharp end of AS9100 precision aerospace machining in the UK, supplying a global customer base and managing a network of partners and high technology suppliers.

Precision Aerospace Machining Metrics – Measures for Improved Competitiveness

“You get what you measure” and “what gets measured, gets managed”

Constant improvement requires constant management, and Di-Spark review the following metrics as part of an ongoing improvement program.

  • Floor space utilisation – smooth work flow
  • Innovation & investment
  • Stock turns – inventory management
  • Employee training & development
  • Added value – waste elimination
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality control

Using these metrics to monitor and enhance precision aerospace machining performance gives Di-Spark information to act upon in order to:

  • enhance supply chain relations
  • create smooth information flows
  • drastically reduce waste
  • highlight improvement opportunities.

“Everything is linked to everything else”

A balanced approach to precision aerospace machining


  • Production cycle times
  • Overall equipment effectiveness
  • Total lead time
  • Labour productivity
  • Set-up times
  • Distance traveled


  • Sales per employee
  • Return on capital employed
  • Direct material as a % of sales
  • Direct labour as a % of sales
  • Economic value added


  • Scrap and rework
  • Product reliability
  • Cost of quality
  • No. of defects per unit
  • Supplier quality levels


  • Staff turnover
  • Absenteeism
  • Time lost due to accidents
  • % of workforce cross-trained
  • No. of certified skills per person

Support Services

  • Order processing time
  • Response times (customer service, engineering, IT help desk etc)
  • Decision cycle time
  • Invoice/payroll processing time
  • % on-time maintenance service

Engineering & Design

  • Compliance to customer specification
  • No. of engineering changes post-design freeze
  • % on-time drawing release
  • % of total design time used for redesign
  • Adherence to project schedule

Subcontract 5 axis milling for aerospace, satellite & oil and gas. Precision machining with The Di-Spark Group.

Subcontract 5 Axis Milling for AS9100(c) & SC21 Aerospace & Defence

Smart choices are important when you work for the kind of customers the Di-Spark Group work for. The machined precision components we make wind up in satellites, race cars, on oil and gas rigs, medical instruments, in aerospace, and component parts for defence subcontract machining. Success is in the details, and that is certainly true of The Di-Spark Group. An eye for detail has given our 24/7 UK based facility a sterling reputation on the world stage.

The Di-Spark group provide AS9100(c), sub-contract 5-axis milling for satellite machining, motorsport machining, oil & gas machining, medical machining, aerospace machining and defence machining.

AS9100 Mill-Turn, Wire Erosion and Spark Erosion Electrical Discharge Machining

Our precision machining facility also caters for AS9100(c) mill-turn machining and AS9100(c) electrical discharge machining (EDM) to global AS9100 and SC21 standards. Our electrical discharge machining cells supply both wire erosion machining and spark erosion machining.


Advanced Conventional Mill-Turn Machining For Aerospace, Defence, Motorsport, Medical, Oil & Gas, Scientific & Satellite. Precision Aerospace Mill Turn Milling & Machining: The Di-Spark Group.

Mill Turn Machining & Milling to Aerospace & Defence Certification Standards

The Di-Spark Group provide 24/7 defence & aerospace quality mill-turn milling and machining. We are highly certified to global aerospace & defence standards and operate a 24/7 facility. We work closely with our customers and suppliers to create partnerships which have a mutual interest in producing top quality, world-class components destined for harsh and challenging environments. We are AS9100 (c) certified and are signatories to the SC21 supply chain initiative.

Mill-Turn Machining for the Oil & Gas Industry

The Di-Spark Group supply precision mill-turn machining to the oil and gas industry, possibly one of the harshest, most researched & developed environments that components need to endure. With the application of innovative solutions to previously unsolved problems within the global Oil & Gas industry, The D-Spark Group keep pace with the relentless pace of development, and constantly reinvest in the latest mill turn machining technologies to keep ahead of the game.

Mill-Turn Machining for the Motorsport Industry

We provide precision machining services to the Lotus Formula 1 team, along with EDM machining partners, +GF+ Agie Charmilles. We machine mill turn motorsport components using the latest technologies, implementing world-class quality control and to a high level of customer satisfaction. Motorsport parts & components, especially formula 1 components need to survive a highly stressed, competitive arena. The Di-SPark Group rise to this challenge.

Mill-Turn Machining for the Medical Industry

The Di-Spark Group manufacture precision medical parts, components and hi-tech instruments using the latest mill-turn machining technology. The latest precision mill turn machines offer reduced set-up times, improved accuracy and manage a number of processes via a single set-up, bringing precision conventional machining into the 21st century.

Mill-Turn Machining for the Scientific, Nuclear, Space and Satellite Industries

Machining and milling for the scientific community offers an almost unique opportunity to send components into an environment, after which they may never be touched by the hands of man again. Therefore, components machined for scientific, nuclear, space or satellite customers must be of world-class quality, subject to a rigorous program of quality control. Whether we are machining components for satellites, mill turning parts for spacecraft, milling precision scientific instruments to be housed within a satellite or spacecraft or a components destined to spend their lives within a nuclear reactor, The Di-Spark Group will ensure precision machining engineering and timely delivery.

Subcontract AS9100(c) Precision Aerospace Machining: 5 axis & multi axis milling, mill-turn machining, spark and wire erosion electrical discharge machining. 24/7.

The Di-Spark Group strive for best practice throughout our operations. We supply AS9100(c) aerospace machining from our 20,000 ft facility, employing 40 people. We look to build mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with our customers, with the aim of delivering customer satisfaction. We use lean manufacturing techniques, we are certified to AS9100,  and we are a signatory to the supply chain improvement program, SC21 and we constantly strive for business excellence.

Our customers, and the industries we supply ‘expect’ exceptional service, and rightly so. Precision aerospace machining cannot be compromised, corners cannot be cut and vital processes cannot be hurried, but our commitment to ISO9001, Investors in People, AS9100(c) and SC21 is a strong indicator that The Di-Spark Group are serious about quality management, constantly monitoring and reviewing operatings for lean production, lower setup times, reduced overheads and operational improvements.

Precision Aerospace 5 Axis Machining & Precision Aerospace Multi Axis Machining

Precision Aerospace Mill-Turn Machining

Precision Aerospace Spark Erosion Machining

Precision Aerospace Wire Erosion Machining

Precision Aerospace Electrical Discharge Machining

The Di-Spark Group Plant List

Precision Machining For Aerospace, Defence and Satellite : 24/7 – ISO 9001 Business Excellence with AS9100(c) Quality Control & Investors In People Accreditation

The Di-Spark Group are constantly evolving & striving to remain at the cutting edge of precision machining for aerospace, defence, space and satellite. Within the parameters of an ever changing landscape there is a constant which never changes – the requirement for safety & world-class quality control. The Di-Spark group operate within industries where assumptions cannot be made and errors or imperfections cannot be considered as part of a tolerance. We have a duty to machine precision aerospace-quality components for use in all manner of hostile environments, often with human activity within close proximity.

The Di-Spark Group aspire to best practice in everything that we do and our quality management system is certified to AS9100(c) and ISO 9001 for precision aerospace machining. We are in Investor in People accredited organisation and we are signatory to the SC21 Supply Chain Improvement Initiative.

Precision Aerospace Machining

The Di-Spark Group manufacture precision components for the aerospace industry. We employ a strategy of business excellence to achieve this goal, with a highly certified quality control system overlooked by our Quality Control Manager, Ian Smith, who ensures that The Di-Spark Group as a whole conform to it’s internal processes in accordance with our ISO accreditation.

Precision  Machining for Defence

The Di-Spark Group manufacture precision components for the Defence industry. With components machined for defence contracts, we have a very similar responsibility. Quality cannot be compromised where human safety is at hand. Maintaining our AS9100(c) and SC21 certification, alongside our ISO 9001 accreditation, we make sure that precision defence components machined in our factory are delivered in world-class condition.

Precision Machining for Space and Satellite

Precision space and satellite components carry an almost unique quality – they are unlikely to be touched by human hands again after they have been launched. This requires a special brand of machining – world-class machining where quality control has been managed as an ongoing process, by certified organisations with highly trained machinists, team leaders and managers. The Di-Spark Group machine precision components and parts for space, satellite and space craft.