Integrated Machining of Complex Components – Di-Spark Factory Tour

Di-Spark Ltd are a precision machining company, operating around-the-clock, manufacturing world-class components. The Di-Spark Factory tour offers a snapshot of our 24/7 automated, integrated machining facility, certified to aerospace AS9100 D and serving world-wide customers.
Di-Spark Factory Tour Video

AS9100.D Aerospace Machining

Around the clock aerospace, AS9100 D machining.

24/7 machining of aerospace parts, components and sub-assemblies – machined to quality management system AS9100 Revision D.

Energy Generation & Valve Machining

24/7 Complex Machining for Energy Generation: Severe service check valve machining, complex components for power generation, oil & gas industry components & mechanical sub-assemblies, managed by AS9100.D QMS.

Di-Spark manufacture components from hard & hardened materials, using integrated, multi-process machining technologies such as automated 5 axis milling, large machining, multi-task automated turning, spark EDM with robotic tool-change capability, and clean-cut wire EDM.

Complex, Prismatic & Intricate Precision Machining

Di-Spark Ltd operate aviation & aero-engine machining, certified to AS9100 Revision D.

Operating multi-process machining cells for Automated wire cut EDM, multi-operation die sink EDM with robot arm tool-change, automated mill-turn and multi axis mill-turn, Di-Spark manufacture the highest quality precision components within lean manufacturing principles.

Satellite & Space Machining

Di-Spark are signatories to the SC21 supply chain improvement programme, operate around the clock machining and maintain AS9100 revision D. certification for the manufacture of satellite and space components.

SC21 & AS9100.D Defence Machining

Operating around the clock, with rapid-response AS9100 capability and vast experience in supply chain management – via SC21 Membership, Di-Spark manufacture world-class components and sub-assemblies for the defence sector.

98% OTD | 99% Quality | AS9100.D | 24-7 World-Class Aerospace Machining

Aerospace AS9100D – 5 Axis Milling

Di-Spark operate AS9100 D, Aerospace 5 Axis Milling. Our 5 axis machining cell is managed & optimised to manufacture zero defect parts & components for aerospace and highly regulated markets. The 5 Axis components we manufacture are often destined for mission-critical operation.

24/7 aerospace machining company

Rapid Response Aerospace Machining

Di-Spark operate a 24/7 rapid response machining capability. Our rapid response aerospace machining service offers the latest precision machining technologies, certified to AS9100D, with a dedicated account manager and CAD Design expertise to achieve lean, efficient machining.

Defence, Space & SC21 Machining

Di-Spark Ltd are certified to AS9100D for the manufacture of complex parts, components and sub-assemblies for Defence, Space and Security Sectors. Di-Spark are also signatories to the SC21 Supply Chain Improvement programme – removing red tape and practising lean manufacturing principles.

Wire Erosion EDM Machining Services

Wire Erosion EDM utilises a wire electrode as the ‘cutting tool’. Wire Erosion EDM is ideal for manufacturing components from hard or difficult-to-machine materials. Di-Spark use Wire Erosion EDM to manufacture components for the Energy Sector & Valves, Satellite, Formula 1, Oil & Gas & Aerospace

Spark Erosion EDM Machining Services

Spark Erosion EDM machining uses a machined electrode to ‘sink’ its form into the workpiece, hence the term, Di-Sink. Metal is removed by vapourising material via repetitive sparks. Geometries that are impossible to produce by conventional machining can be produced by Spark Erosion EDM

AS9100 D Aerospace – Multi-Axis Turning

AS9100 D Aerospace – Multi-Axis Turning centres converge two metal cutting technologies into a single machine. Components which were traditionally processed on multiple machines can now be ‘machined-in-one’. This technology allows Di-Spark to be lean, efficient and cost effective

Large/Heavy Machining

Di-Spark’s large machining cell utilises the latest large-component manufacturing technology. Working alongside partners at +GF+ AgieCharmilles, we use Mikron HPM 1350U high performance milling centres for processes ranging from heavy rough machining to precise finish machining.

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