Precision Machining

Di-Spark aspire to best practice in everything that we do. Our quality management system is certified to AS9100 and ISO 9001 for world-class precision machining. We are an Investor In People accredited organisation and a signatory to the supply chain improvement programme SC21.

Di-Spark supply precision machined components to customers requiring precision aerospace machining, precision defence machining, precision medical machining, precision oil and gas machining, precision motorsport machining, and precision machining for the nuclear and scientific industries.

Di-Spark specialise in the manufacture of complex precision parts, components & sub assemblies using advanced manufacturing technologies such as large 5-axis CNC machining, 5-axis machining, CNC mill-turn machining, wire erosion and spark erosion. Further details below.

Precision Machining Blog, Video Blog and News

Precision Multi-Process Machining: - Implementing Lean Manufacturing Principles to Save Money

May 25th

How High-Tech Engineering Companies Can Save Manufacturing Costs Operating a multi-process machining facility offers regular opportunity to manufacture world-class components for leading high-tech industries, innovative projects, scientific wonders and more

Clean Cut EDM – Wire Erosion Machining Within 21st Century Manufacturing

May 18th

Machining Difficult-to-Machine Materials With Clean Cut EDM With the hot pace of technological improvements within the manufacturing sector, it's important for manufacturing companies to keep ahead of the game. If you're not moving forward, you're more

Energy & Nuclear Manufacturing: Energy Sector EDM Machining

May 10th

Di-Spark Ltd aspire to best practice in everything we do, and that includes energy sector EDM machining here at Di-Spark. We constantly look for areas to improve, invest in the latest innovations – such as our latest investments into clean-cut wire EDM more

Quality Assurance Administrator Position

Apr 28th

Quality Assurance Administrator Required A vacancy has arisen for a Quality Assurance (QA) Administrator to join the Di-Spark Ltd Quality Assurance team. We are looking for a versatile and enthusiastic individual with a particular attention to detail more

Vacancy: Apprentice Quality Engineer Required

Apr 26th

Di-Spark Ltd in Hordean, Hampshire, currently have a position for an apprentice quality Engineer A vacancy has arisen for an Apprentice Quality Engineer to join the Di-Spark Ltd Quality Assurance team. Di-Spark supply precision components directly into more

Alternative Precision Machining Processes: Wire Cut EDM Machining

Apr 13th

A simple manufacturing process in principle, wire cut edm machining is incredibly useful for a number of machining situations which might otherwise pose a conundrum. The machining of brittle & hard-to-machine materials, hardened metals and alloys, more

Energy Sector Machining

Apr 4th

AS9100 & ISO 9001 Precision Machining for The Energy Sector Di-Spark operate energy sector machining services for industries such as oil & gas, nuclear power, wind turbine power, hydro power, solar power & other related industries. Safety more

Lean EDM Machining (Electrical Discharge Machining)

Apr 1st

Lean EDM Machining – Using Lean Manufacturing Principles Lean EDM Machining Around The Clock Di-Spark operate lean EDM machining running around the clock. The last 2 years have seen the company through substantial changes to our precision machining more

Quality Management System: AS9100C

Mar 23rd

Quality Management System: Certification Renewal Di-Spark Ltd have renewed our quality management system, certificate of registration. Di-Spark Ltd Hold Certificate Number Q 09065 and operates a Quality Management System which complies with the more

UK based Electrical Discharge Machining

Mar 8th

UK based Electrical Discharge Machining Di-Spark Ltd operate uk based electrical discharge machining services to companies and corporations that require sub-contract high-precision machining services. We operate UK based electrical discharge machining – more

AS9100 EDM Machining: Spark & Wire EDM

Feb 18th

Around-The-Clock AS9100 EDM Machining As part of our multi-process precision machining facility, and having operated an around-the-clock AS9100 EDM machining cell for many years – Di-Spark have undergone an improvement process to ensure that our AS9100 more

Wire Eroded Components

Feb 12th

Wire Eroded Components, Parts and Sub-Assemblies Wire eroded components, parts and sub-assemblies are utilised throughout hi-tech engineering sectors, such as medical & surgical industries, formula 1 and professional motorsport, yachting and marine more

Precision Machined Components - Multi Process, Multi Operation Machining

Feb 1st

World Class Precision Machined Components & Lean Manufacturing We live in an era of impressive engineering achievements and seemingly fantastical scientific breakthroughs which are wide ranging and frequent. Many of these projects require precision more

High Volume Wire EDM Machining: High Quality Batch Production

Jan 29th

During 2014 and 2015, Di-Spark Limited made investments into high volume wire EDM machining capabilities, suitable for the manufacture of products, parts, components and sub-assemblies in large quantities. Our high volume wire EDM machining cell offers more

AS9100 & SC21 Machining: Manufacturing for Aerospace, Defence & Space

Jan 19th

As a signatories to the SC21 supply chain initiative and maintaining an AS9100 revision C QMS, Di-Spark offer world-class machining to the defence, aerospace and space (satellite) industries. Having restructured for further efficiencies during 2015 and more

Electro Discharge Machining – Wire Cut and Spark EDM

Jan 8th

Electro discharge machining at Di-Spark received a host of impressive updates and upgrades during 2015 – all aimed towards cutting costs, attaining a higher level of customer satisfaction and super-high-quality product manufacture. Running wire-electro more

EDM Machining | AS9100c | SC21 | 24/7 | ISO 9001

Dec 22nd

EDM Machining: Formula 1 and Professional more

Wire Cut EDM

Dec 18th

World-Class Wire Cut EDM High end industries require high end solutions. In manufacturing terms, wire cut EDM is an innovative machining process which marries perfectly with other, more traditional machining processes. Often used for high tech more

AS9100 Wire EDM Services: 24-7

Dec 11th

Specialist Wire EDM Services Assist Lean Manufacturing Supplier of specialist wire EDM services, Di-Spark Ltd, operate an 'around-the-clock' precision machining facility. Customer satisfaction is key to operations, and as part of a lean manufacturing more

Wire EDM Company: Di-Spark Ltd

Dec 8th

Are you seeking a wire EDM company, certified to AS9100 revision C or SC21? Look no further. Di-Spark Limited operate not only as a wire EDM company but also offer dedicated machining cells operating spark EDM, 5 axis machining, automated mill-turn and more

Precision EDM Machining: World Class Machining Technologies

Dec 3rd

Manufacturing world-class parts and components can prove a challenging business, but like Di-Spark Ltd, if you get all of your ducks lined up - almost anything is achievable. Diversity is the key to success and operating a world-class, multi-process more

Machining Hardened Steels and Alloys: Manufacturing World-Class Components

Nov 17th

Sophisticated engineering objectives often require high-strength components manufactured to withstand high-stress, high temperature or corrosive environments – these situations routinely involve the machining of hardened steels and alloys. Manufacturing more

Wire Cut Machining & Precision Engineering

Nov 11th

Offering a one-stop precision machining solution, Di-Spark Ltd operate sub-contract wire cut machining services to satisfy the world-class manufacturing requirements of engineering and high technology industries. During the evaluation of machining more

Non-Contact Machining: Wire Erosion EDM – Why Is It Useful?

Nov 6th

Internal Profiling: Non-Contact Machining - Wire Erosion EDM Non-contact machining is an essential machining process in the manufacture of precision components. Often used within industries such as aerospace, aerospace engine, aviation & airline more

Precision EDM Machining: Manufacturing With Hardened & Exotic Materials

Nov 2nd

Precision EDM Machining at Di-Spark Ltd High Technology industries are perpetually evolving, and precision EDM machining technologies offer benefits to customers which, in many situations are difficult to achieve alone by employing the use traditional more

Electrical Discharge Manufacturing: Revision C – AS9100

Oct 28th

Electrical discharge manufacturing at Di-Spark has reached new levels of excellence during 2015 Having grown our precision machining business from an electrical discharge manufacturing base from the early days, and adopting advanced traditional more

Reasons to Consider Use of the Wire Erosion Manufacturing Process

Oct 21st

Wire Erosion of Internal aperture profiling & machining Wire erosion manufacturing is an essential, contemporary machining process for high-tech industries such as aerospace, oil & gas, satellite manufacture, formula 1 components and other, high more

Maritime Machining & Engineering: Sub Contract AS9100 Manufacturing

Oct 16th

Technology moves fast and maritime machining, maritime engineering & sailing technologies have evolved into highly technical environments. The geography of the United Kingdom dictates that, as a nation we are masters of the sea and this is more

Marine Machining: The White Pearl Sailing Yacht

Oct 12th

Di-Spark Ltd, operating world-class marine machining cells such as 5 axis machining, electrical discharge machining & rapid response machining have manufactured a specialist component for the largest sailing yacht in the world, the White Pearl, also more

Sailing, Yachting & Marine Engineering: Space Age Machining Technology

Oct 7th

Sub-Contract Marine, Sailing & Yacht Machining Di-Spark Ltd operate as a sub-contract manufacturing company, producing highly engineered components and sub-assemblies. A highly experienced precision machining company, well represented within sectors more

AS9100 Aerospace Component Manufacture

Sep 10th

Aerospace Component Manufacture with Mill-Turn Machining Using the latest milling & turning (mill-turn machining) centres, Di-Spark supply the aerospace industry with sub-contract, precision aerospace component manufacture via small-footprint more

Formula 1, Motorsport & Automotive Machining

Sep 3rd

Automotive Machining Ultra high-precision automotive machining, suitable for super-car manufacture, sports car manufacture, general automotive machining and component manufacture. Using the latest automated machining centres, Di-Spark Ltd operate 24hrs more

CNC Aviation Machining: 24/7 World-Class Automated Machining

Sep 2nd

Di-Spark Ltd take quality, accuracy and on-time delivery very seriously - customer satisfaction is top of our agenda. For decades we've operated within the CNC aviation machining sector, observing countless changes, improvements and safety programmes. more

Di-Spark Ltd & Advanced Lean Manufacturing Principles. 4 Videos

Aug 12th

Lean manufacturing. The Di-Spark Group, world class machining of precision machined components. Interviewed by Sky TV on their approach to Advanced Manufacturing techniques and business excellence. The Di-Spark Group strive for best practice more

Airline Component Manufacture: AS9100 Airline Machining

Aug 6th

 Airline Component Manufacture: Keeping Ahead Air passenger safety and airline technology is constantly improving. As airline engineering & aerospace design evolves towards advanced capability and improved safety, and new technological more

Rapid Response Capability: Under the Hood of Precision Machining

Jul 30th

With recent emphasis on customer satisfaction and ongoing service improvements at Di-Spark Ltd, our world-class precision machining facility has undergone specific improvements to our rapid response capability. By minimising red tape, optimising supply more

Quick Response Milling: One-Hit CNC Milling & Turning

Jul 21st

Di-Spark Ltd Quick Response Milling Quick Response Milling Video It is a long-standing philosophy and part and parcel of our overall business strategy at Di-Spark Ltd, to perpetually invest in new and innovative machining processes. more

We have updated our RAPID RESPONSE MACHINING web page

Jul 15th

Click here for our 'Rapid Response Machining' web more

Just in Time Electrical Discharge Machining

Jul 7th

Di-Spark Limited supply sub-contract machining services. In focus today is just in time electrical discharge machining – an innovative, non-contact machining process that has it's commercial roots with Di-Spark Limted way back in the 1970's. Starting more

Just In Time 5 Axis Machining

Jul 3rd

Here at Di-Spark, our latest operational improvements demonstrate our commitment to world-class standards, operating sub-contract precision machining services for high technology industries. We are precision engineers operating an automated, more

Airline, Aviation & Formula 1 Manufacturing: Just in Time Machining

Jul 1st

Airline, Aviation & Formula 1 Manufacturing: Just in Time Machining Di-Spark Ltd supply sub-contract, just in time machining services to high technology sectors such as aviation, the airline industry and Formula 1. With customer satisfaction more

Just in Time Inventory Management: 'JIT' with Di-Spark Ltd

Jun 23rd

In tandem with high technology machining innovations, world-class manufacturing strategy never ceases it's continual evolution and 'just in time inventory management' is an important tool for contemporary engineering, particularly within sectors such as more

Di-Spark Ltd Reorganisation: Press Accouncement

Jun 19th

Due to reorganisation within our precision AS9100 manufacturing business, Philip LeClercq left Di-Spark Ltd by mutual agreement during March 2015. Throughout his 24 years of employment at Di-Spark Ltd, Philip demonstrated exceptional commitment and more

Precision Aviation Machining: Are You Paying Over The Odds?

Jun 18th

Precision Aviation machining carries a fairly unique set of manufacturing responsibilities in terms of quality, timely delivery and accountability, but are you paying over the odds for your aviation components, parts or sub-assemblies? Recent years more

Formula 1 Machining Partners: Di-Spark 24/7 Machining

Jun 15th

Formula 1 & other high-end racing teams require machining partners with flexible & intelligent production control, around the clock operation, aerospace standard QMS and customer satisfaction as a top priority. Di-Spark Ltd offer all of more

Motorsport Component Machining: Around The Clock Precision Motorsport Machining

Jun 12th

Di-Spark: Motorsport Component Machining The UK has been a motorsport & Formula 1 engineering hotspot for decades, and Di-Spark have participated in this multi million pound sector throughout the years, working with racing formulas, world rally, more

Prismatic Components: CNC Five Axis Turning

Jun 4th

Complex Sub-Assemblies: CNC Five Axis Turning 21st century engineering poses interesting challenges across the board, none more so than the precise manufacture of complex & prismatic parts and sub-assemblies using CNC five axis turning and other more

CNC Five Axis Milling Services: 24/7 Machining With Di-Spark

Jun 3rd

24/7 Five Axis Milling In Supplying CNC five axis milling services to sectors such as aerospace, aviation, defence and security, Di-Spark operate a tight ship, always on the look out for bottlenecks and potential areas of improvement. With a strong more

Five Axis Machining: Moving Your Aerospace Manufacturing to Di-Spark

May 27th

Working to Revision C AS9100 certification, signatories to the SC21 supply chain programme, an Investors in People company and strategically located. Here are some of the reasons why requesting a quotation for your aerospace five axis machining work is more

Di-Spark Ltd | AS9100 Machining | Organisational Structure

May 22nd

Di-Spark Ltd release our revitalised company organisational chart illustrating recent promotions, staffing and strategic changes. Consistently operating at the sharp end of AS9100(c) and SC21 world-class machining, Di-Spark's business philosophy is based more

5 Axis Machining Facilities – Tour of Di-Spark's 5 Axis Machining Facilities

May 15th

Di-Spark's 5 axis machining facilities are world-class and suitable for the manufacture of high technology, mission critical components and sub-assemblies. As a precision sub-contract machining company we aspire to best practice in everything that we do. more

5 Axis Machining Video Page Update

May 12th

 5 Axis Machining Videos Click more

SC21 Companies: Di-Spark – Automated SC21 Machining, Milling, Turning

May 8th

SC21 Companies: AS9100 Machining The SC21 Supply Chain Initiative Programme involves highly committed SC21 Companies working within aerospace and defence sectors. Signatories to the SC21 programme, Di-Spark supply precision aerospace & defence more

Precision CNC Milling Services: Aerospace 5 Axis Machining

Apr 29th

Precision CNC Milling Services for Engineering Innovation Di-Spark Ltd offer world-class precision CNC milling services to high specification AS9100 sectors, such as aerospace & aviation, defence & SC21, satellite & space, oil, gas & more

AS9100 Wire Erosion Machining: Video - Di-Spark – The Wire EDM Company

Apr 24th

High Tech Precision Wire Erosion Machining & Manufacturing Di-Spark is a leading name in high tech precision wire erosion machining & manufacturing, offering the latest – most advanced machining & production methods to produce even the more

Di-Spark Precision Machining, Expand Staffing Roles to Manage Business Growth

Apr 21st

Jack Eves – Business Manager – Precision Machining Di-Spark Limited, suppliers of sub-contract precision machining, have implemented strategic staffing changes in response to market conditions, business growth and to further enhance customer more

5 Axis Medical Machining: Machining For Medical, Pharmaceutical & Surgical Sectors

Mar 23rd

Medical, Pharmaceutical & Medical Precision: 5 Axis Machining at Di-Spark Medical, Pharmaceutical and surgical manufacturing requires precision machining methods, close tolerance machining & precise finish machining. With 5 axis machining more

5 Axis Machining In SloMo: Agie Charmilles 5 Axis Milling Centre.

Feb 16th

Slow Motion Video: Agie Charmilles 5 axis machining & Milling Our latest video was taken using just a mobile phone (Sony Z2) via a slo-mo video app. This video shows an AS9100 component being machined at Di-Spark Ltd inside a 5 axis machining more

Aviation EDM: Precision Non-Conventional Machining Sub-Contractors To Aviation Companies

Feb 12th

Aviation EDM As Part of a Lean Manufacturing Initiative Aviation EDM Video In Aviation EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) has become an important facet of advanced manufacturing techniques. Machining processes are forever evolving into new more

Di-Spark Ltd Electrical Discharge Machining

Feb 6th

We have updated our website with the following page: Electrical Discharge Machining more

Precision Instruments - Medical Machining: Electrical Discharge Machining

Feb 2nd

Di-Spark LTd - Medical Machining Advances in medical, surgical and pharmaceutical technologies and new medical innovations are a wonder of our modern age – achieving new levels of care and treatments that our society could only have dreamt of 30 to 40 more

Precision Aerospace Machining: Measures For Improvement

Jan 28th

“Compete against perfection by identifying all waste and eliminating it” Di-Spark Ltd constantly strive for improvement, efficiency and competitiveness. Manufacturing for the aerospace, defence, Formula 1, oil & gas and satellite industries, more

Di-Spark Ltd have a vacancy for a CNC machinist/programmer

Jan 5th

Di-Spark Ltd require a CNC machinist/programmer. Please enquire more

Merry Christmas from Di-Spark Ltd

Dec 24th

Di-Spark Ltd would like to wish all of our customers, suppliers and partners a very merry Christmas and a happy new more

Di-Spark Ltd: Precision AS9100 Manufacturing – Looking to 2015 and beyond...

Dec 23rd

Precision Machining Services Designed For Subcontract AS9100 more - We have updated our website video section...

Dec 19th

Click on our homepage and navigate top right (Di-Spark more

Di-Spark Ltd: We have updated our 'large machining' video page.

Dec 18th

Di-Spark Ltd: Large Machining Video Page more

Vacancy at Di-Spark LTD: 5 Axis Machinist Required.

Dec 12th

Di-Spark Ltd have a vacancy for a 5 axis machinist with experience of 'Aerospace and Formula 1 component & sub-assembly work'. Please enquire more

Di-Spark Ltd: We have updated our ‘Wire EDM Machining’ Video Page

Dec 10th

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Videos more

Die Sink EDM: Aerospace & AS9100 Revision C Spark Erosion Manufacturing

Dec 1st

Die Sink EDM Robot Handling, Automated Tool Changer Di-Spark Ltd run the latest Die Sink (Spark EDM) machines running integrated robot handling and tool changing capability for reduced setup times and automated round-the-clock EDM more

Precision Electrical Discharge Machining: World-Class AS9100 EDM Subcontractors.

Nov 14th

Precision Electrical Discharge Machining: Spark Erosion Di-Spark Ltd offer round the clock precision machining services. In addition to multi-task 5 axis milling and mill-turn departments, Di-Spark also run 2 separate precision electrical discharge more

SC21 Precision Electrical Discharge Machining: SC21 EDM Manufacturing

Nov 10th

Di-Spark Ltd Supply SC21 EDM Machining Di-Spark Supply SC21 EDM Machining, maintain a quality management system certified to AS9100 revision C and ISO 9001. We are an Investor In People accredited organisation and signatories to the supply chain more

Die Sink Electrical Discharge Machining: Lean Manufacturing & Increased accuracy

Oct 31st

Die Sink Electrical Discharge Machining in action at Di-Spark The Di-Spark Group operate across the globe, offering subcontract die sink electrical discharge machining to aerospace, defence and space, manufacturing world-class precision die sink more

Die Sink EDM: Die Sink Electrical Discharge Machining, Di-Spark Ltd

Oct 30th

Die Sink EDM in action at Di-Spark The Di-Spark Group operate across the globe, offering subcontract precision EDM spark erosion machining to aerospace, defence and space and produce world-class precision die sink EDM components via lean manufacturing more

Aerospace Spark EDM Video: Automated Electrical Discharge Machining With Robotic Arm Tool Changer

Oct 23rd

Aerospace Spark EDM - Automated AS9100 Machining Di-Spark Ltd demonstrate the latest in machining innovation. AgieCharmilles electrical discharge machining centres are fully automated and complete with robotic arm tool change capability. A high degree more

Technical Keys To Success, as an Electrical Discharge Machining Company

Oct 10th

Continuing our series of electrical discharge machining articles (extracts from our EDM machining guide, 'The EDM Handbook'), this section looks at the technical challenges towards running a success electrical discharge machining company. Di-Spark: The more

Wire Erosion: Electrode Selection: Di-Spark, The Wire Erosion Company

Oct 8th

Continuing our series of electrical discharge machining articles (extracts from our EDM machining guide, 'The EDM Handbook'), this section looks at Electrode Selection (Wire Erosion). Di-Spark: The Wire Erosion Company Di-Spark Ltd in terms of an EDM more

AS9100 Spark Erosion Machining – Aerospace Quality Management System Revision C

Oct 2nd

AS9100, the world-wide certification standard for aerospace sector quality management systems is now in revision C. It first appeared during autumn 1999, replacing the AS9000 standard and incorporating all aspects of ISO 9000, with amendments & more

Spark Erosion: Electrode Selection (Spark Erosion)

Sep 22nd

Continuing our series of published extracts from our EDM machining guide, 'The EDM Handbook', authored by David Light (managing director of precision machining company, Di-Spark Ltd) this section looks at Electrode Selection (Spark Erosion). Di-Spark: more

CNC Spark EDM: Precision Machining For Critical Components & Sub-Assemblies

Sep 19th

Di-Spark Ltd: Our Location CNC Spark EDM World Class Machining In order to keep ahead of the game and remain competitive on the precision machining world stage, it is necessary to constantly and organically update processes and methods and introduce more

Spark EDM Sub-Contract Machining Company: Di-Spark Ltd

Sep 17th

Di-Spark Ltd, Hampshire (UK) Based Spark EDM Precision Machining Di-Spark Ltd are currently offering spare capacity to take on precision spark EDM machining work. Running 24hrs a day, our spark EDM cell houses multiple, high specification & more

Heavy Machining Services: AS9100 Machining For Heavy Components & Sub-Assemblies

Sep 12th

Heavy machining arrives at Di-Spark Ltd, via AgieCharmilles HPM milling centres Heavy Machining of AS9100 Aerospace Sub-Contract Components & Sub-Assemblies Heavy Machining of Satellite Components, at Di-Spark Ltd To handle the machining of more

Di-Spark, The EDM Company: EDM Finish & Surface Integrity

Sep 10th

Continuing our series of published extracts from the electrical discharge machining guide, 'The EDM Handbook', authored by David Light (managing director of renowned EDM company, Di-Spark Ltd) this section looks at the EDM finish and surface more

Wire Erosion Services: Clean Cut Wire Erosion Services.

Sep 4th

Wire Erosion Services: Clean Cut Wire Erosion EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) Di-Spark Ltd supply wire erosion services to companies across the globe, and there are certain engineering sectors that require the utmost in precision, quality control more

Large CNC Machining With The HPM1350U

Sep 2nd

Large CNC Machining Investment at Di-Spark Ltd Large CNC machining is the latest high-tech machining investment to be implemented at Di-Spark, and with our large CNC machining cell fully up and running, Di-Spark continue to invest in Cad/Cam & QMS more

Precise Finish Machining with the Agie Charmilles HPM 1350U

Aug 28th

Heavy Rough Machining or Precise Finish Machining Here at Di-Spark, precise finish machining takes on a new meaning with The Agie HPM1350U – capable of manufacturing processes from heavy rough machining through to precise finish machining. With high more

Oil & Gas Machining: Manufacturing for Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industries.

Aug 27th

Sub-contract Oil & Gas Machining: Wire Erosion & Large Machining Di-Spark have supplied sub-contract, hi-tech machining to high technology markets for decades, and today we look at Oil & Gas machining. Oil & Gas Machining - more

Clean Cut Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Services

Aug 12th

Electrical Discharge Machining Capacity (wire clean cut) We've recently expanded our clean-cut wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) services at Di-Spark Ltd, with 2 Charmilles Cut 300 machines. Each machine expands capacity by 20hrs per day, and more

Business Improvements: Clean Cut Wire EDM Services, Inspection, Cad/Cam

Aug 7th

Wire EDM Services - Fresh Investment Business performance enhancements are currently taking place at Di-Spark. As markets evolve and customer demands change, Di-Spark strategise and work closely with business partners to accommodate these more

Clean Cut Wire EDM: Inspection, CMM & Setup

Aug 6th

Part 2 of our clean-cut wire erosion article, our latest blog shows pre-inspection, CMM & work-piece setup ready for machining. Small components are manufactured using an AgieCharmilles Cut 300, clean-cut wire erosion machining centre. Improved more

Re-sited Wire EDM machines & installation of HPM 450U 5 axis production milling machine

Aug 4th

Significant Investment, organisational & process changes within Di-Spark are currently taking place. The significant changes will improve business performance in response to evolving & changing customer demands. The Di-Spark Cad/Cam cell more

Wire EDM: clean-cut wire edm, sub-contract electrical discharge machining

Jul 29th

Innovating with Wire EDM Di-Spark's established expertise in the field of wire EDM electrical discharge machining - spanning decades, serves us well with our constant strive to stay at the forefront of machining technology. With innovation and more

Cad/Cam New Office & Expansion: Di-Spark Implements Improvements to Enhance Business Performance, pt1

Jul 24th

Work is well under way on the new CAD/CAM office build, allowing closer interaction with the shop floor and freeing up space in the commercial office Significant Investment, organisational & process changes within Di-Spark will take place over the more

Vacancy - CNC Turner required

Jul 22nd

Di-Spark currently have a position for a CNC Turner. Please contact for details about this more

Increased Capacities at Di-Spark: Wire Erosion EDM Machining

Jul 15th

Investiing further into advanced machining technologies, Di-Spark Ltd offer the following revised capacities for wire edm machining: Equipment hrs/day Charmilles Cut 300 Wire EDM 20 Charmilles Cut 300 Wire EDM 20 Charmilles 330 more

Aerospace Large 5 Axis Machining, Heavy Machining & Precise Finish Machining: Di-Spark Ltd

Jul 10th

Continuing our investment into new and improved technologies, the Di-Spark large 5 axis machining & heavy machining cell is now fully operational around the clock. The +GF+ AgieCharmilles HPM1350U Large 5 axis Machining Centre is cabable of more

Heavy & Large Component Part Machining arrives at Di-Spark: Large CNC 5 Axis Milling

Jul 4th

Investment continues at Di-Spark with machine tools to handle large components After the 'sealing of the deal' at the recent Agie Charmilles technology show, the Di-Spark Group take delivery of the Mikron HPM 1350U large machining centre. The new more

Clean Cut Wire EDM: Sub-Contract Clean-Cut-Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

Jun 25th

Di-Spark have been utilising high-spec, high-tech machining processes since the 1970's, and innovation continues to this day with clean-cut wire erosion, EDM machining. Over the next few month's we'll be showing you our new clean-cut wire EDM machines, more

Part6: Spark & Wire EDM Guide: Machining Parameters

Jun 17th


Sub Contract Wire Erosion Electrical Discharge Machining Services, Running Around The Clock

Jun 11th

24/7 Sub Contract Wire Erosion EDM Di-Spark Limited pioneered wire electrical discharge machining back in the 1970's, and in current times continue to innovate, working alongside +GF+ AgieCharmilles to offer the latest technology in Sub Contract Wire more

Large Part Machining and Wire EDM: Di-Spark Ltd - World Class Machining

Jun 6th

Heavy/Large Component Machining at Di-Spark Video showing delivery & installation of our HPM1350U 5 Axis Large-Machining Centre. Look out for the next video in the Large Machining series soon, looking at the manufacture of a high technology more

Di-Spark & Electrical Discharge Machining: Spark & Wire EDM Basic Theory

Jun 4th

DI-SPARK LTD PART FOUR OF OUR GUIDE TO EDM WIRE EDM AND Spark EDM Basic Theory Di-Spark Limited currently have 24/7 Wire EDM Capacity: Contact Simon Binny Wire EDM at Di-Spark 5. BASIC EDM THEORY - Wire EDM & Spark EDM Although the more

A Guide To Electrical Discharge Machining: Wire EDM Machining & EDM Hole Cutting

May 29th

Di-Spark Ltd - 3rd part of our guide to EDM - Wire EDM and EDM Hole Cutting << Previous article Enquire here for AS9100(c) & SC21 Wire Erosion more

Quality Management System: AS9100C Machining

May 23rd

AS9100(C) multi axis machining, turning and electrical discharge machining (EDM) Di-Spark Ltd have received renewal of our 'quality management system' certificate, for AS9100C machining, held for compliance with AS9100C (Technically equivalent to EN more

Wire CNC Machining Services At Di-Spark: Videos and Blog Articles

May 19th

Wire CNC - Electrical Discharge Machining Services Link: Wire CNC Electrical Discharge Machining Services - Di-Spark Ltd Di-Spark Limited have a long standing, world-class reputation for supplying sub-contract wire CNC machining services, certified more

Wire EDM CNC Machining: AS9100(c) Certified Wire Cut Manufacturing For Aerospace, Defence, Scientific and Oil & Gas

Feb 27th

The Di-Spark Group are a Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) Subcontractor The Di-Spark Group are a subcontract wire edm company based near Portsmouth, Hampshire, within close proximity to strategic airports and container ports and the M27/M25 more

Why choose a subcontract wire erosion electrical discharge machining company for aerospace and aviation manufacturing?

Feb 27th

Mission critical components machined for the aerospace and aviation industry must be manufactured to the highest quality standards possible at current technology levels. But at the Di-Spark Group, we don't stop there. We are always moving forward, more

Energy Sector Manufacturing: High Technology Machining, Milling & EDM For Energy Markets

Feb 25th

The Di-Spark Group, renowned world-wide for high technology machining services such as wire erosion, spark erosion, multi-task mill-turn, multi axis milling and large part machining, invest consistently in the latest high-tech manufacturing technologies, more

Precision Machining: Motorsport & Formula 1

Feb 21st

Di-Spark Ltd have manufactured high precision motorsport components for quite some time, having worked with a number of Formula 1 teams, including Lotus F1. We work alongside machining partners, +GF+ AgieCharmilles in providing state-of-the-art 5 axis more

Di-Spark Ltd, Pass AS9100 (rev C) Machining Audit With Flying Colours

Feb 18th

Di-Spark Limited have successfully completed our recent AS9100(c) Audit with flying colours, for Automated multi-task AS9100 Machining & EDM The following positivity was noted from the AS9100 audit report: "Di-Spark's management review process is more

Advanced Manufacturing: AS9100(c) Machining subcontractors - Aerospace/Defence/Satellite

Feb 14th

Over the last 12 months Di-Spark Ltd have innovated into new machining technologies and honed quality management systems to new improved levels. Take a look at what we've been up to: AS9100 Machining - Blog posts looking at AS9100 aerospace & more

Electrical Discharge Machining: Guide to EDM Part 2

Feb 7th

Guide to Electrical Discharge Machining: Part more

AS9100(c) Sub-Contract Machining: Defence Industry

Feb 5th

Di-spark Ltd have uploaded a new webpage listing defence-industry related videos. Follow our video links below: Defence Manufacturing: Overview Finishing & Inspection: Defence Machining Defence Machining: Health & Safety AS9100(c) more

Energy Sector Manufacturing: Electrical Discharge Machining & 5 Axis Machining

Jan 29th

Videos from Di-Spark limited exploring high-precision manufacturing for energy markets and associated industries Video exploring sectors of business: manufacturing within the energy markets Video exploring components manufactured for the energy more

Space, Scientific & Satellite Manufacturing: AS9100 EDM Machining

Jan 27th

The Di-Spark Group look at world-class conventional & EDM machining for space & satellite more

Guide To Precision Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), a book from Di-Spark Ltd...

Jan 22nd

Over the next few months, Di-Spark Ltd will be publishing 'The Guide to EDM', a book authored by Managing Director, David Light. The book will be posted as a series of articles via our website blog. We hope you enjoy and benefit from this work. Today, more

Video Update: Electrical Discharge Machining - Wire Erosion

Jan 21st

We have updated our precision machining video pages: Wire Erosion Electrical Discharge Machining Video: Wire EDM in action Formula 1 Wire Erosion Machining: Serious Machining For Serious Motorsport Oil & Gas Industry Wire Erosion EDM more

5 Axis Machining Video Summary: A Close Look At CNC 5-Axis Milling At Di-Spark Ltd

Jan 16th

Take a peek at our new 5 axis machining videos: click this link or the image more

Advanced Manufacturing: Business Excellence Within Precision Machining, Milling & Hi-Tech Engineering

Jan 14th

Staying at the forefront of world-class machining innovation The Di-Spark Group offer insight into the competitive arena of world-class engineering and precision manufacturing. With business excellence and quality control at the centre of our more

Spark (EDM) Erosion Videos: Di-Spark, Electrical Discharge Machining & The Moving Image

Jan 9th

Welcome to Di-Spark & EDM spark erosion machining. Today we have a collection of spark EDM related videos: Spark EDM Video Page To summarise each video: Parts and components manufactured for the Oil & Gas industry, produced with EDM spark more

Wire Erosion (Wire Cut CNC) Videos, from Di-Spark

Jan 7th

Wire Erosion EDM Machining Videos Checkout the link to our wire erosion video page here A set of wire erosion videos from the Di-Spark Group: +GF+ Agie Charmilles Cut 330 Wire Erosion Machines in Action +GF+ Agie Charmilles and Di-Spark more

Vacancies - Multi Axis Machinist Position For 5 Axis Machining at Di-Spark Ltd

Jan 2nd

Di-Spark Limited are looking for a 5-axis machining operator with experience. Di-Spark supply sub-contract parts, components and sub-assemblies to high technology industries such as aerospace & aviation, medical & scientific, space & more

Vacancies: 5 Axis Machinist Required at Di-Spark Ltd

Dec 23rd

We require an experienced 5/multi axis machinist: Please enquire here: 5 axis machining: Vancancies Di-Spark would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new more

Multi Axis Turning: Aerospace Component & Sub-Assembly Manufacture to SC21 & AS9100(c)

Dec 20th

Complex Aerospace Component Manufacture The Di-Spark Group are multi-axis-turning, machining sub-contractors, working around the clock & manufacturing world-class components & sub-assemblies to AS9100(c) quality management standards. We are also more

5 Axis Machining & Multi-Task Mill-Turn Manufacturing For The Medical Sector

Dec 17th

 Sometimes... You need clinical precision with the assurance of uncompromising quality. You want the best, but without the risk of paying over the odds. You need a sub-contract machining company with a world-class reputation. Sometimes... You need more

AS9100(c) & SC21 Manufacturing: Wire & Spark Erosion CNC Electrical Discharge Machining

Dec 10th

Aerospace and Defence manufacturing requires a responsible, forward thinking and hi-tech approach to meet current and future standards, especially where aviation machining is concerned. That's why the Di-Spark Group are serious about certification, more

Combining Mill Turn & Electrical Discharge Machining: The Di-Spark Group

Dec 6th

Sometimes, you need the benefit of traditional machining with the advantage of modern flair. This is where The Di-Spark Group marry traditional with contemporary, manufacturing components produced using the combination of multi-task mill-turn (milling more

5 Axis Machining: High Technology Engineering & Manufacturing for Demanding Applications

Nov 29th

5 Axis Machining is a machining process utilising an automated/loaded tooling spindle, with accompanying trunnion table securing the work-piece - both capable of movement in multiple axis & resulting in potential movement around 5 different axis more

Combining Wire Erosion EDM & 5-Axis Machining To Manufacture Aviation & Aerospace Grade Components

Nov 27th

Wire Erosion EDM When you need accurate milling within strict quality control and economical boundaries, wire erosion EDM will deliver. Especially so when your components encompass complex geometry, awkward shapes, bevelled and tapered profiles and/or more

Wire Cut/Wire CNC EDM – UK Based 24/7 Electrical Discharge Machining Sub-Contractor

Nov 14th

Wire cut (also known as wire CNC or wire erosion) is a form of electrical discharge machining appropriate to high technology manufacturing requirements. The benefits of wire EDM are numerous, but as a high precision machining process it commands high more

Precision CNC Machining & Milling Services: Defence, AS9100(revision C) & SC21 Precision Manufacturing Services

Nov 7th

In an age where high technology projects are ever more susceptible to budget caps and cost concerns, any precision manufacturing company needs to be at the top of their game. The Di-Spark Group, the first UK company to bring Electrical Discharge more

Motorsport & Formula 1 Precision Machining: The Di-Spark Group.

Oct 28th

The fast pace of motorsport development and in particular, Formula 1 development dictates world-class precision and quality. This is why The Di-Spark Group have become a long-term sub-contract machining supplier to Formula 1 teams. When competing at the more

Wire Erosion Machining Service: The Di-Spark Group Assist Lotus F1 To The Podium in Korea

Oct 7th

Lotus Formula-One achieve double podium finish with the help of wire erosion EDM Kimi Raikkonen charged into 2nd position whilst Romain Grosjean finished an impressive 3rd place for Lotus Formula 1, in the 2013 Formula One - Korean Grand Prix. The more

Precision Machining: World-class manufacturing for Satellite, Space & Scientific

Oct 1st

The Di-Spark Group manufacture precision components for the satellite, space and scientific industries Satellite & space components rarely receive the opportunity for maintenance once deployed, and so stringent quality control is paramount more

Wire & Spark EDM Machining - Components Manufactured For Oil & Gas Industry Exploration & Drilling

Sep 26th

Oil & Gas Industry Machining: Precision Wire & Spark EDM Our never-ending quest for energy resources drives the Oil & Gas markets into new and challenging environments on a daily basis. The Di-Spark Group support this drive by supplying more

Spark Erosion EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining Specialists): The Di-Spark Group

Sep 22nd

Spark Electric discharge machining - also referred to as spark erosion machining, sparking and spark edm, is a hi-tech machining process involving a billet of electrically conductive material submerged into dielectric liquid. The material receives the more

Wire Erosion Specialists. Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) - The Di-Spark Group

Sep 20th

Wire Erosion (EDM) for Aerospace, Defence and Hi-tech Wire EDM is typically employed for hard metals, but not exclusively. Wire Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) opens up the potential to work with materials which are difficult to machine using more

Subcontract Multi Axis Milling for Precision Engineering, Operating Around The Clock...

Sep 13th

Precision Multi/5 Axis Milling, For Precision Engineering The Di-Spark Group, respected world-wide for our long standing, precision electrical discharge machining, also operate substantial 5 axis milling and multi axis milling cells. Our multi axis more

Subcontract 5 axis milling for aerospace, satellite & oil and gas. Precision machining with The Di-Spark Group.

Sep 11th

Subcontract 5 Axis Milling for AS9100(c) & SC21 Aerospace & Defence Smart choices are important when you work for the kind of customers the Di-Spark Group work for. The machined precision components we make wind up in satellites, race cars, on more

AS9100(c) 5 axis and multi axis machining and milling: The Di-Spark Group, Precision Subcontract Machining

Sep 4th

The Di Spark Group constantly innovate and reach for improved performance levels, and our certification reflects our high standards. AS9100(c) and investors in people certification, along with SC21 membership ensure that our 5 axis machining capability more
5-axis machining & multi-axis milling machines allow the spindle to be positioned in several planes and/or angles to the workpiece. Five sides of a prismatic part can be machined in a single operation thus reducing set-up times (and improving metal removal efficiency & precision, tool life and surface finish and reducing tolerance build-up)
Mill-turn machining centres converge two metal cutting technologies into a single machine. Components which were traditionally processed on multiple machines can now be ‘done-in-one’. This technology allows Di-Spark to be lean, efficient and cost effective
Wire Erosion machines use a continuously moving wire acting as the ‘cutting tool’ (whilst technically being an electrode). Much like a band saw in principle, metal is actually removed by vapourising material through the thermal energy of repetitive sparks. Components in difficult to machine materials can be cut by wire erosion
Spark Erosion machines use a machined electrode to impart its form into the workpiece. Metal is actually removed by vapourising material through the thermal energy of repetitive sparks. Geometries that are impossible to produce by conventional machining can be produced by Spark Erosion EDM