AS9100.c. Aerospace Machining

Around the clock machining of aerospace parts, components and sub-assemblies machined to AS9100 Revision C Certification.

SC21 Satellite & Space Machining

Di-Spark are signatories to the SC21 supply chain improvement programme, operate around the clock machining and maintain AS9100 revision C. certification for the manufacture of satellite and space components.

SC21 & AS9100 Defence Machining

Operating around the clock, with rapid-response AS9100 capability and vast experience in supply chain management – via SC21 Membership, Di-Spark manufacture world-class components and sub-assemblies for the defence sector.

Aviation & Aero-Engine Machining (AS9100 Revision C)

Di-Spark Ltd operate aviation & aero-engine machining, certified to AS9100 Revision C.

Running multi-process machining cells for multi-op wire cut EDM, die sink EDM, automated mill-turn and multi axis milling & turning, Di-Spark manufacture the highest quality precision components within lean manufacturing principles.

Energy Sector Precision Manufacturing

24/7 machining & precision manufacturing for the energy sector: Nuclear power plant machining, oil & gas industry components, hydro-electric power generation parts & wind-turbine mechanical sub-assemblies.

Using multi-process & multi-operation machining processes such as wire EDM, spark EDM, 5 axis milling & automated mill-turn, managed by AS9100c QMS

Medical, Surgical & Pharmaceutical Precision Machining

Precision machining focusing on the medical, surgical & pharmaceutical industries

High quality machined medical components & instruments manufactured to lean manufacturing principles

24-7 World Class Machining | AS9100c | SC21 | Rapid Response

Wire EDM Machining

Wire Erosion machines use a continuously moving wire acting as the ‘cutting tool’ (whilst technically being an electrode). Much like a band saw in principle, metal is actually removed by vapourising material through the thermal energy of repetitive sparks. Components in difficult to machine materials can be cut by wire erosion

Spark EDM Machining

Spark Erosion machines use a machined electrode to impart its form into the workpiece. Metal is actually removed by vapourising material through the thermal energy of repetitive sparks. Geometries that are impossible to produce by conventional machining can be produced by Spark Erosion EDM

5 Axis Machining

5-axis machining allow the spindle to be positioned in several planes and/or angles to the work-piece. Five sides of a prismatic part can be machined in a single operation thus reducing set-up times (and improving metal removal efficiency & precision, tool life and surface finish and reducing tolerance build-up)

Multi-Task Mill-Turn

Mill-turn machining centres converge two metal cutting technologies into a single machine. Components which were traditionally processed on multiple machines can now be ‘done-in-one’. This technology allows Di-Spark to be lean, efficient and cost effective

Large/Heavy Machining

Di-Spark’s large machining cell utilises the latest large-component manufacturing technology. Working alongside partners at +GF+ AgieCharmilles, we use Mikron HPM 1350U high performance milling centres for processes ranging from heavy rough machining to precise finish machining.

Rapid Response CAD/CAM

Our range of design, production and inspection software provides CAD/CAM solutions to allow us to take complex components from concept to completion. We use a range of software products that allow us to boost productivity, improve quality and reduce lead-times.

Rapid Response Machining

Our rapid response 5 axis machining cell offers the latest precision machining technologies, running 24/7 and configured to handle rapid response machining requirements. This cell manufactures high quality, rapid response product within short lead times and carries impressive capability.

ISO 9001, AS9100 & SC21 Machining

Di-Spark Ltd are certified to AS9100 revision C, for the manufacture of complex parts, components and sub-assemblies. Di-Spark are also signatories to the SC21 Supply Chain Improvement programme, aimed at removing red tape and practising lean manufacturing principles.

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